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verticalMenu true for a vertical menu, false for horizontal
minThumbW onRollOut thumbs sizes width
minThumbH onRollOut thumbs sizes height
minThumbH onRollOut thumbs sizes height
the minThumbW/minThumbH ratio should be equal to width/height ratio of the images you are indicating through your HTML document
maxThumbW expanded navigation images images’ width
spacing distance between navigation images
influence change the influence, snap and fade to have different feelings for onRollOver states
scrollSpeed the dock scrolls with a certain speed
DockYpos Y position of the Dock – aplicable for horizontal menu
DockXpos X position of the Dock – aplicable for vertical menu
useMirror 2 for true, 1 for false
mirrorDistance the spacing between the thumbs and their reflection
bigThumbDirectio 2.2 middle, 1 up, 0 down – for horizontal orientation
different values for vertical orientation
frameRate provides a centralized tick or heartbeat broadcast at a set interval
delay preload delay time