fotografie: iWish Design


cameraX camera’s horizontal position
cameraY camera’s vertical position
cameraZ move images Z-axis
cameraRotationX rotate camera X-axis
cameraRotationY rotate camera Y-axis
cameraRotationZ rotate camera Z-axis
startIndex starting image
planeAngle image Y-axis rotation
planeSeparation distance between images
planeOffset distance between center and other images
planeOffsetZ central image depth position
useMirror set it to true if you want to use images mirror effect
alpha reflection opacity
ratio reflection size
distance distance between images and reflection
dropOff reflection visibility
autoPlay image slideshow on/off
slideShowTime slide duration
leftRightPlay slide direction, options: left or right
ifLastPicture slide behaviour after last picture, options: back or atFirst
useMousewheel use mousewheel to show next or previous slide
delay preload delay time
update update accepting options on window resize or on page load