fotografie: iWish Design


verticalCarousel the carousel is horizontal oriented by default
maxThumbW expanded navigation images images’ width
maxThumbH expanded navigation images images’ height
imageSize images size
RadiusX images X radius
RadiusY images Y radius
focus images focus
Yspan images span – negative values for opposite expanding direction
imagesX increase or decrese imagesX and imagesY to adjust the carousel position
imagesY if Yspan is negative you should significantly increase imagesX and imagesY
rotatingSpeed recommended value between 1-30
initialRotate set it to 0 for no initial image spin; set it negative to spin backwards
alwaysRotate whether the carousel should rotate with the intialRotate while rolling out
stoppingSpeed the carousel stops rotating with a certain speed while rolling out
useMirror set it to true if you want to use images mirror effect
useBlur whether to use blur for the images which loose focus
blurIntensity 1-10 recommended values
blurQuality 1-3 recommended values
delay preload delay time
tooltipOnMouseOver text visibility onRollOver or most front thumb